Michael was born in Santa Monica, California and resides in Bel-Air. As a native Angeleno, Michael has the historical advantage of knowing where the best real estate investments are. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time homeowner looking for the best properties available in a wide-range of neighborhoods, Michael can guide you towards making the right decision.

Michael began his career in real estate as an investor — buying, restoring and selling properties that reflect the diversity of the city. He continues to manage his own portfolio of investment properties and is very happy to share his knowledge and experience with his clients.

As a “hands-on” investor, Michael is much more than just a Realtor. He has the perspective needed to successfully navigate this challenging market. He knows how to identify a property with positive market potential and has the proven experience needed, to negotiate the best price on your behalf.

For Michael, integrity and communication are the key ingredients to his success. Representing professional athletes and agents to first-time buyers, Michael offers his clients the supportive lead, they can count on.

Michael is proud and honored to be associated with Hilton and Hyland. He is also a member of the Beverly Hills Board of Realtors, Los Angeles Apartment Association, and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

  • Michael Bates